Gardens are an important component of the Jessie Ball duPont Center design. Mid-Century Modern architecture emphasized a connection with nature and large glass walls that allowed connection with exterior spaces.

The Roof Garden

The third floor roof garden was part of the original design of the building, though it was simply a paved surface dotted with planters.

During the renovation, the floor of the garden was elevated, allowing installation of a soil base with appropriate drainage systems, so grass and plants could grow across the space.

Two large circular turf areas — "putting greens" — provide "play" space while fountains lend a soothing background. The perimeter is planted with native plants.

The Forsyth Street Garden

Because the building site slopes from north to south, architect Taylor Hardwick placed a retaining wall along the south side, creating the opportunity for a narrow garden space along the facade.

The Forsyth Garden includes tree wells to accommodate palms along the sidewalk, and native plants and gravel pathways at the first floor level.

The Rainwater Capture System

Rainwater is directed from the roof of the building through a series of conduits and filters into a 2,000-gallon cistern located near the elevator tower on the third floor. Water from this cistern is used to irrigate the Roof Garden and the Forsyth Street Garden. Excess water from the cistern flows into the stormwater system.